To be a world class university committed to academic excellence and responsive to dynamic local and global realities.


To provide quality university education and training based upon local realities and global aspirations through the development, transmission and application of knowledge and innovative research in order to transform society by meeting the high level human resource needs of present and future generations.

University Core Values

  •  Academic excellence in creation and transmission of knowledge and research to targeted beneficiaries and the general public.
  •  Academic freedom and expression based upon critical enquiry and the tolerance of diverse ideas amongst academics and students.
  •  Corporate Social Responsibility by responding to challenges facing society within the local and international context.
  •  Equity and Inclusivity by ensuring equal opportunity to all irrespective of ethnicity, gender and or religious beliefs.
  •  Professionalism and Excellence in Service by upholding high standards of ethical behavior to meet client needs effectively and efficiently.
  •  Good Governance, Transparency & Accountability in all decisions and operations of the University.
  •  Contextual Innovation by ensuring that research addresses local and global realities.
  •  Sustainable Development by ensuring research is conducted for long term impact and is sensitive to the environmental needs of present and future generations.